02 Oct

Science in Action



The Swazi, Solar Cities Team.

The Swazi, Solar Cities Team.


When Google announced that there would be a science in action award for the Google Science Fair 2012, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. Aug 2014, 3 days and 10,000 kilometers from Bangalore my brother Rohit Fenn and I, Amit, stepped out on our first visit to the African continent. It was T.H. Culhane‘s idea and his enthusiasm that brought us here with our tent and backpacks. Science seemed a far cry from my aseptic college lab. But if the google science fair taught us one thing it is that a dash of science and a whole lot of attitude can make a difference in the world we live in. In the 31 days we were in Africa we met with people from 20 nationalities heard 11 languages stayed in majestic homes and in the outdoors in our tent. All this for 7 days of a “Science in Action Camp: to explore technologies that have the potential to change the world. If anything, Science in Action is the Tower of Babel, all of us with our different tongues coming together. SIAC has been about sharing enthusiasm touching hearts and making a difference.

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