My curiosity about who we are and where we come from lead me into biology. I started off with an undergraduate in Zoology, Microbiology and Chemistry. I was obsessed with question in Evolution and was quite fascinated with the scale of Microbiology. My favourite topics from then were “Cell Senescence” and the “Origin of Bi-lateral Symmetry”. I worked for a while in the field under professor Supreet Saini at the Indian Institute of Technology. We were exploring how bacteria gain antibiotic resistance at concentrations below the minimum inhibitory concentration. Being familiar with the scale I now am doing a Post-graduate course on Molecular Biology. Today the topics that intrigue me the most are Epigenetics, Hox genes, Developmental Biology and Co-evolution.

My parents, two psychologists, have allowed me to explore the same curiosity of who I am, in another plane, Psychology. I was initially interested in what makes a mind and Garner’s theories took me into Developmental Psychology, which is still my favourite topic, along with Self Recognition, Theories of the Mind, Cognitive Psychology and Dream studies.

I wanted to start being someone of value, so I joined the Youth Development Program with the Organisation FSL. Here I’ve been elected as a Board Member and We at the YDP facilitate self development and community development. This is a great opportunity to be able to touch the lives of hundreds of people eventually and in the hope that I could help shape the society I’d like to see via Volunteer Service.

What do I want to be? When answering like a child without hesitations of worries of a dream that might not come true, I’d like to be a Popular Scientist. I remember looking up to people like National Geographic Explorers, or Science Guys like Bill Nye or Neil de Grasse Tyson. I wanted a TV Show of my own. While between careers I almost had that opportunity when I was asked to create Popular science videos and star in them for a digital media company in India. The office shut down before I had any videos uploaded. Having gotten a whiff of what a life like that would be like. I’m kinda driven to be a writer. I’d be using this blog to write more often and to improve on my skills so that I may one day write to Magazines and contribute toward being a voice for Science.

The people in the world today seems not concerned about how we consume and destroy the environment. We need to stop consuming so much of natural resources especially where we don’t need to. I think we should shift our energy dependency to modes that where we have no carbon emitted or even better would be where we act as a carbon sink for our own fuel. Spending time with National Geographic Explorer TH Culhane while in Swaziland helped me live for a while as someone who was changing the world yet another brick at a time.

At the end of all this, Let me say this. I’m not sure of who I am at the moment and I have a few places to take my next step at. What more would you like to know about me? I’ve a few places I’ve spread myself out at over the internet.


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